to small

With a record-setting number of small businesses registered during the pandemic, something big is on the horizon.

These businesses are responsible for 67% of net new jobs. Their owners pay livable wages to our neighbors, donate to local causes, and create the local color that makes our communities unique.

For all our sakes, let’s invest in their success and ensure entrepreneurship is a path open to all Americans.

The Pledge

It’s time to say no to one-click convenience and yes to what’s right outside your door.

Get to know the entrepreneurs who create jobs for neighbors and make your neighborhood worth living in.

Support the shops selling the one-of-a-kind and the restaurants that do things a little bit differently.

Your year of small business starts today.

Ways to Support Small Business:

build the habit

  • Commit to replacing chains and big-box purchases with local alternatives

  • Become a regular customer

  • Establish relationships with small business owners and employees

Get digital

  • Follow, share, and re-post businesses on social media

  • Take advantage of local e-commerce options

  • Leave positive reviews online

Rep the movement

  • Buy (and wear) small business merchandise

  • Share your favorite spots with friends and family

  • Gift small business items and gift cards